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Hi there! I'm Bethany.


I'm a passionate product designer with a deep fascination for the intricate dance between logic and creativity. My journey into the UX field started with an educational background in linguistics and communication, further enriched by extensive experience teaching ESL, including two rewarding years in Spain. This unique blend of analytical thinking, creativity, and cultural understanding forms the foundation of my approach to design.


Beyond my professional life, I'm a language luminary, film fanatic, photography phiend, and alliteration aficionado, among others. In my spare time, you may find me spending an obnoxiously long time deciding on a book to read from my never-ending TBR shelf. Additionally, I continue to contribute to the lives of adult students by teaching ESL and other meaningful subjects, empowering them for better opportunities and brighter futures.


I'm here to turn ideas into intuitive designs, driven by a purpose to make a real-world impact—one click at a time. Let's collaborate and create something extraordinary!

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